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July 24th, 2010

James Baxter, Spirit drawing,
I personally love this animation, it’s one of the most beautiful animation that dreamworks has done,
I sincerely love all the 2d Animations that Dreamworks done in the past, They are all beautiful in my eyes,
here is how James Baxter drown the Spirit,

Part 1

Part 2

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Mega Mind trailor

July 23rd, 2010

Well, well, well, another good looking animation by Dreamworks company!

Philippe Faraut Sculptures

July 22nd, 2010

Philippe Faraut,
His works are supper inspiring, and if you have seen the way he perform, you would think “oh it’s supper easy, I am going to do it now”
beautiful works and very simple method of teaching…
have to get some clay ;)
here is his website and some of his art works…
Philippe Faraut


The Goon Trailer

July 22nd, 2010

The Goon is going to be a feature animated movie…
even if I am wrong about it, sure enough that it’s great animation…

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Viera ad

July 22nd, 2010

Cool ad, VIERA Neo plasma TV.
not going to buy it though :)

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Despicable me! Trailor

July 20th, 2010

I saw this movie last week, and recommended to who ever haven’t seen it…
Very funny, and sure you won’t be tired watching it even for a second, very well done with a unique and interesting story…

Rango Trailer

July 20th, 2010

Can’t wait to see this one….



July 6th, 2010

Walt Disney Up coming movie, I have had the honor to viagra in Glen Keane lecture, for this animation.


Animation Checklist

May 26th, 2010

Hey folks,
In my second term our mentor Martin Hopkins animator in dream works gave us a checklist, that I have kept it till now and I think it’s been always a great help, it comes very handy when you get lost… thanks to him for sharing it, so…  Read more »

Headless studio reel 2010

May 25th, 2010

Thanks to these guys that we still see wonderful 2D animation; my personal believe… there is more life in 2D than 3D… and this is the proof of that :)

Headless studio reel 2010 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

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