Amir Zarrin Resume

Amir Zarrin                                          (619)800-2647 /
3D Character Animator


  • Professionally trained as a 3D character animator.
  • In-depth character animation education and proper application of the principles of animation.
  • Proven time management skills.
  • Proven experience in the VFX production environment while adapting to tight deadlines.


Art Skills:

  • 3D Character animator, Object animator, Composting, Sculpting, Drawing, 3D modeling.

Software Skills:

  • Animation :     Maya, 3DS Max, Flip Book
  • Modeling:       Mudbox
  • Illustration:     Photoshop, Corel painter
  • OS:                Windows, Linux(Ubuntu), Mac


Advanced Character Animation Diploma     
AnimationMentor 09/08-03/10

Computer Graphic Animation Diploma,
Rai University / India (2005)

BA Computer Application
Azad University / Iran (2003)


  I have held a semester long workshop about the art programs course, while I was attending school myself. I gained a very valuable experience interacting with students.


Electronic Arts (Salt Lake City) 
Character Animator(April 2011, Present)

Curently Working on one of the most well know keyframe games "Sims 3" as a character animator. Responsibilities included animating the Sims Character at the highest level of detail, and believability. This included full body and facial animation, and also test it inside the engine to be sure it's working as it should.

  • Worked closely with the leads, other animators, riggers, effects and engineers.
  • Addressed and turned around animation notes quickly.
  • Open to new ideas and changes.
  • Hand keyed animations.
  • Worked and adjusted in the very tight schedules and short time frame that is well known in game industry.

Freelance animation instructor (2009 – Present)

As a result of great education background I have been able to help students to understand and improve their ability and skill.

  • Worked closely with students to improve their skills as well as grades.
  • Developed a new approach for different level students to help them understand better.
  • Developed my communication skills.


Sony Imageworks
Character Animator(Jan 2011, April 2011)

Worked on the feature film "Green Lantern" as a character animator. Responsibilities included animating a variety of characters and creatures at the highest level of detail, subtly, and believability. This included full body and facial animation, breathing, muscle systems, and cycles for the swarm creature Parallax.
Since this film is not released yet, I am unable to show my animation work at this time.

    • Worked closely with the leads and other animators
    • Addressed and turned around animation notes quickly
    • Open to new ideas and changes
    • Edited Mocap animation, as well as hand keyed animation
    • Learned Sony's proprietary production pipeline in minimal time

Freelance Character Animator (Nov 2010- Jan 2011)

Animation work on the short film “Caldera”, collaborating with a team of 20 to create realistic character animation.

  • Created realistic facial and physical animation.
  • Worked closely with the director and getting feedback on a weekly basis.

Gil System / Iran
Designer/Object Animator ( 2003 – 2004 )

Worked as director, designer, and object Animator for their TV commercial Division, and animated a series of short commercial advertisement for the telecommunication center, with four other crew members; gained great experience as a art director working in collaboration with one of the biggest clients in the country.

  • Directed a fully animated TV commercial that was broadcast through out the country.
  • Worked closely with the client to improve their satisfaction and pushed hard to make job done by the deadline.
  • Awarded by the company for the success of the advertisement.

Pars Internet Inc. /Iran
Founder and CEO, (2000 – 2005)

Founded Third largest Internet provider, and the first high speed internet provider in the state,
With 18 full-time employee, provided service to individual and businesses.

  • Pioneered one of the fastest Internet connections to the State.
  • Helped to create jobs in the state by providing low cost Internet to the Internet cafes, with full tech support.